Time for a Recap

Hello everyone! How are you today? This week could be the busiest of all with the new blog being coded and prepared for a launch! Fingers crossed this week will be “the week”. Over the weekend I was preparing my living room for a photo shoot which I will share with you a little bit later. My garden needed a little extra tending with all the warm weather we are having  so I enjoyed spending time with my “green” friends. Today I am preparing a few fresh posts for the new blog and working on a project I have been involved in since the Spring just outside Chicago. Working from a distance has always been a bit challenging for me since I am a very visual person and I am glad to see this house coming together so well. I did manage to capture a few of my favorite moments which are below. I think it is certain Coolwhip and Popcorn are taking over my instagram!


There are some fun online events coming up which I invite you to take a deeper look into if you wish. There is a flower challenge I love to take part in which was created by Elodie of Madame Love and Inga of Glomery Lane. I love this series and this month the flower is anemone….oh yes, I have already ordered my flowers and will incorporate them into a guest room this week! Another great collaboration you can be a part of is Urban Jungle Bloggers created by Judith of Joelix and Igor from Happy Interior Blog.…go ahead and get your green on! Join in on the fun!

I will be back later this week to give you a little update and in the meantime, I wish you and everyone in your life a beautiful day!

Jocelyn xx

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    joyful photos:-)