A Soul Discovery & Expression

Good Friday everyone, I hope this finds you enjoying your day. What I am about to share with you comes from the more sacred nature of my life.  I am aware this may be pushing the boundary of acceptability and I encourage you to stay open to what I am sharing.

Lately I have been noticing bloggers and writers sharing more and more the concept of mindfulness; which is refreshing to say the least. While this act of being aware of  thoughts and behavior is not new to me I will say it has saved my life and at the same time allowed my mind to step aside and let the real me shine through.

Let me ask you this, have you ever experienced those moments of creativity flowing through you like a gentle stream? If you have then you understand there is nothing quite like it.  Have you ever sat with a pen and paper where your feelings flow like watercolor on silk paper? I have come to believe this natural state of flow is our soul expression made tangible and visible. We are all here to create beautiful works whether you are a builder, blogger, dentist or hairdresser. When the mind is quiet and empty of fear, the light within can shine and that is exactly what it does when we produce great works.  These are the things that bring tears to our eyes. You know exactly what I mean. I cannot be the only person in the world that feels that inner sensation of pure love revealed as a tear. You know that feeling, right?




The first time I experienced this was when I began to write more about what was meaningful to me. First step was getting clear on my definition of “meaning” and where it showed up in my life. After a lot of wandering around the design of my interior life I was introduced to my Soul. I was relieved she hadn’t gone anywhere! I realize this may sound strange and even bizarre to some of you but as I said before, it is my belief and this post is in no way meant to sway your belief, whatever it may be. I remember the days when I gave my mind more attention than my Soul. I would praise my mind for its occasional clever thought or creation not knowing it was my true self, my Soul, expressing Its genuine nature. At the time I was still confused and thought a lot about what the connection my heart had to my mind and my self to my soul. One day I was sitting under a tree looking out at a peaceful lake and something within me “clicked”. I felt this sensation just behind my heart and instantly I was filled with what felt like a warm blanket. Naturally, I was led to material that spoke my new but instilled language that was coming into my experience and finally, everything began to make sense. I had longed to know who I was for so many years and finally I was beginning to return…to my Soul, that light behind my heart that is always quiet and still.

My life has changed immensely since my realization and acceptance of my inner design and there is no turning back now for I have found my home. Every day I wake up with the sunrise I quiet my mind, get rid of yesterdays “grit” and walk through my day with mindfulness. The more aware I am of my thoughts and fears the more I can quiet them and let them float by like a cloud so my true self can respond to what life is handing me.

When we begin to hear the voice of our Soul and witness the light we hold within, we will notice it in others and that my friends is what peace and harmony is all about. Recognize your own spirit every moment of the day and be sure to acknowledge it in others. We can be beautiful hand crafted mirrors for one another if we choose. Let’s bring the goodness of our Soul into expression, consciously.

May we all be taken back to our divine self ~ one creation, skill and ability at a time.


Jocelyn x





Photo by Jocelyn Casey.