A Feeling for Chevron

Today I am confessing my love for the one and only, chevron style floor. I have admired this simple and elegant style of flooring for a very long time. The herringbone and “V-shaped pattern was very common back in 1900 in Europe and mainly (according to history) were found in the estates, or chateaus. Timm and I are in the process of house hunting and we have found two options. And yes, two options is not a common occurrence, at least that has not been our experience up until now. Guess what? Both apartments have chevron floors. When I saw the photos of the apartments I felt pure joy. Yes, I do believe that flooring can infuse goodness into our lives. Do you?

The reason this style flooring appeals to me is more than just aesthetics, there is an element of feeling. When I see them I feel good. Have you ever thought about the way your floors make you feel on the inside? Perhaps take a moment right now and look at your floors. Is this a new concept for you? New things are a little different at first, right? When I look at my current floors I feel neutral. I like them, don’t get me wrong, but they are almost too perfect. They are engineered to be flawless. I am not flawless so perhaps that is why they don’t jump out at me like the chev’s do. When I see chevron, parquet, or herringbone style flooring I am reminded of the mindfulness required to create the pattern. I believe the style of the 1900’s whether it was clothing, flooring, interiors, or architecture was a reflection of pride and dedication. Today, everything is fast, get it in, and get it done. I mean, we have a store called 3-Day Blinds! FYI, these can actually come in quite handy! When it comes to creating a feeling in a room I have come to know mindfulness is necessary.  The quartet of images below is the apartment of Wolfgang Behnken in Hamburg…these shots were taken for Elle Decor Italia. The color tone of these floors is what catches my eye, I love that each is unique…kind of like us! 



via Peek of Perfection

It is no surprise that my favorite example of chevron style flooring comes from the über talented and gorgeous, Holly Becker. Have you seen her blog, Decor8? If not, I highly recommend a visit.  The photo below is from Holly’s home in Hannover, Germany and is a classic example of Holly’s work.  Holly produces first class quality, I invite you to read her book if you are interested in decorating/styling your own home. Decorate Workshop takes you through a step-by-step process of how to style your home and Holly is there to coach you through the journey.


Photo by Debi Treloar for Decorate Workshop

The photo on the left was taken by Holly before she and her husband started the proces of making the floors oh so pretty. As you can see on the right, the effort was well worth it! Thorsten, Holly’s husband took this image for Wear Women Work.  Look at those ceilings! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I love how Holly styled this room for the shoot…it is again, perfectly lovely.


Photo on left by Holly Becker and photo on right is Thorsten Becker

The simplicity of the floors are so attractive to me. The intricacy is admirable and the history, well, that is just impressive. Do you see how just by looking at floors you can really feel something? I know this all may sound strange but for me, it is true. I feel good when I respect the things and people around me and that is why I choose them wisely and with mindfulness.


via Emmas Design Blogg.  


The photo below was taken by Kristofer Johnsson and styled by Pella Hedeby. How amazing is this space? I love the way the floors just seamlessly blend together. It is like they are there, but not THERE. Pella does wonderful work as you can see. You can see more of her portfolie on her website.


I hope this post has encouraged you to take a deeper look into your home and get a sense of how it makes you feel. Don’t you agree the way our homes make us feel is  important? I love how we are all so different! For me, I appreciate hard work, dedicated discipline and chevron floors represent that for me. As always, I really enjoy sharing my thoughts and views with you. I hope you know you can always share your opinions with me as well.