Writing to Right – Communication

This time last year I thought  I knew how to communicate with people fairly well. Little did I know my journey into the blogging world would take me through streets of awareness and highways of realizations when it comes to engaging with readers and other bloggers. I first started to take notice at The Hive in Berlin, a conference I took part in this summer to begin building a community and meet other creatives whose passion was sharing their inspiration was similar to mine. It was during that rainy weekend in May when it hit me; I was about to learn a lot about life from blogging.

What I wasn’t fully prepared for was the rejection and turndowns I received from many “bigger name” bloggers. After many unreturned emails and late cancellations I was aware I wanted to be different and became grateful for my experience.  I will admit it was at times a little hurtful; my ego got slammed when the door was closed in my face but in return I learned a lot. I made it a principle to place communication at the forefront of my personal and business life. For me, relationships are more important than money, fame or recognition. In my knowing, I learn the most about life through being relational with people and I knew my readers were no different.

When it comes to life in general {especially as a blogger} the communication “field” as I call it is vast. Imagine with me a large plot of land in Montana, covered in beautiful grass and wildflowers in the summer. In one corner there is email, the one thing that seems to always have useful weeds growing in it. In the middle is social media where every farmer in the state is watching how you care for  your land. Around the edge is personal contact, real, live interactions with people, which require authentic communication. We are in the field, taking in all the opportunities we are given to establish relationships with people just like us. My question to myself is always the same, “Who do you want to be in this field, ordinary or extraordinary”? Keeping in mind one is not better than the other, it is just different. Would I like to be someone who responds from a place of mindfulness or a woman who has become too busy to give back and make life more about relating to people?




I know myself quite well and when I cannot find the time to respond to a comment whether it is social media, email or a phone call I have become distanced from my true self, which is not where I want to be. Do you ever notice how alive you feel when someone responds to your comment or note? It amazes me how much of a difference one simple gesture can do. Communication is everything and there is no such thing as “too busy” for me. I have a lot on my plate and I choose to make it the way I do but I also have principles in which I live and work by that make designing my life a meaningful process.

By writing a blog, I am not only sharing my life, I am righting my life and that is profound and significant. Will you join me in this movement of making it a practice to respond, communicate and engage with others even when you feel you don’t have the time? Are you willing to take a few extra moments and acknowledge even more than you already do, another person? If we all do this together we can create an environment, a field full of kindness and genuine wildflowers that bring everyone happiness….it is simple yet significant.


See you in Montana!