Hello everyone, love is the subject of the day. After spending yesterday outside with nature hiking the McDowell Mountains in Scottsdale I found myself at peace with where I am in my life in regards to Christmas and gift giving. I used to be the person who would spend large amounts of money on gifts for everyone in my life. And I do mean everyone.  This year I decided to do a little redesign and while it “looked” different it was still about the love.

Do you ever walk into a shop and someone tells you they like your haircut or your style? Have you ever been stopped on the street and asked by a stranger what perfume you have on? Has anyone ever looked you in the eye and sincerely thanked you for who you are and what you do for them? Were you ever telling a friend an important story where they listened deeply to every word without interrupting? If you have ever experienced these things you know what it is like to be touched by love. This is the kind of love that is not wrapped in a Pinterest inspired way. The love I am speaking of requires a sense of selfless-ness, it less about me and more about them. Does this resonate with any of you?

We are all capable of adding more love everywhere we go, which is what I believe we are all here to do. For instance, I was in the nail salon one afternoon and sitting next to me was a woman in her 60’s. While her nail polish was drying I noticed how beautiful her hands were and the shade of coral polish looked stunning on her hands. I was prompted to share with her my thoughts on how beautiful she was and that I really loved her nails. When we made eye contact I looked at her and said, “Does everyone always tell you how beautiful you are”? Her response was, “well, no, you are the first actually.  My face must have looked like I was in shock, which I was! She opened up and shared with me how she felt unattractive that day and she needed to wear sunglasses so that no one would notice her. She told me all about how she makes her own custom color for her nails by adding 5 colors together. As I listened to her I suddenly realized the entire reason for me being there was not to get my nails done at all, I was there to extend love to this incredibly gorgeous and lovely lady. She felt the love and so did I. This is what we are ALL capable of doing.  With just one genuine compliment we can change a persons day. Through our eyes and hearts we can speak love. We can single handedly re route the path of someone’s day from heading south to self – destruction to pointing them north towards self-realization.




Everywhere we go we have the opportunity to add a little more love. We don’t have to spend money in order to make someone feel special. The nature of the heart is to be forgiving and extend love. Do you feel it is time to start responding from a place of love rather than just saying it?

The next time you go out I invite you to  look, listen, and feel your way to love. When you feel a genuine moment fall upon you and another acknowledge something special about them. Your words will touch them and in return you will feel the love. We can all pass this along, leaving a trail of love dust everywhere we walk. Be sure to keep it genuine, otherwise they are just words and words with no meaning are not in style anymore.

This week I will carry the mantra add more love within me and invite you to join me.

Jocelyn xx


Growing amongst an ever-changing environment

Hello everyone. It is nice to meet you back here on this fine Friday. How are you doing? Are you finishing up your Christmas shopping and decorating? Or are you taking a little time to listen deeply to the things that matter the most to you? You may even be doing both! I have been doing a lot of organizing and feeling my way through what seems to be the second most meaningful transition of my life; the first one you will read more about in due time. Do you also feel this time of year brings so many transitions or is it just me?

As I sit here in my hotel room in Paradise Valley, AZ I look outside and see Camelback Mountain in all her beauty. The massive orange camel shaped rock extends quite a distance and has a presence like no other. Her stature is strong yet poised at the same time. Behind me is my hotel room, a 500 square foot room with dog beds, luggage, blankets and loads of technical equipment. Let’s just say there is A LOT going on here at the moment. We are moving back into our home on January 3rd so until then we are the traveling kind. I must say, I love it and at the same time I feel I need to lay down some roots. With all the moving and transitioning I have realized the growth that comes along with this stage of life I am in. For instance, I am changing my name back to my birth name (Hefner) and let me tell you this is not a simple task. As I mentioned before I am starting my new business and with the help of some amazing women in the design world we are going to be producing not only a kick ass website but a product I hope will shape the way we all view the creative process of life. I am so excited I can hardly stand it! I cannot wait to be able to show you guys!

You see the tree in the photo below? That is me. I have moss on me, and I am ok with it as it is essential for my growth and I welcome it. Even thought the straggly stuff may weigh me down, I know it is all part of the process. When the time is right the moss falls and I am free of what once felt heavy. I have beautiful orange trees surrounding me that remind me of how different I am and that together we can all blossom amongst each other.

Change is going to happen, transitions are going to be a part of my evolution and eventually transformations will take place within me and out-picture my life. Today, I have learned to embrace change and lean into what is difficult knowing it will only take me to the depths of my soul which carry every answer I need.


How do you feel about change? Do you find it challenging when the bigger transitions of life take a front row seat? I would love to hear your stories, how you dealt with change and how it made you into who you are today. Please share and if you would like to write a story about it to share with everyone I will post it on my blog. In my knowing, we all have an opportunity to learn from one another and to hear the power of ones story is the most profound thing we can do.


I wish you and everyone in your day a wonderful Friday!





This and That

Hello everyone! How are you all doing? It has been a while since I have been here but believe me, I have been here in spirit. I remember when I began my blogging journey I said I would blog seven days a week no matter what. Let’s just say I have learned what works for me and boy am I grateful!!!! I never knew blogging would intensify my desire to understand and truly live in MY integrity. What did I want to share? Was it meaningful? Did it fulfill my purpose? As I look back now, I realize I did not know the answers to any of those questions. There’s nothing like a few thousand hours of thinking to send you into a complete creativity road block. The more I thought, the less I knew. The more I tried to MAKE something happen, the more I became confused. So what was wrong with my recipe? I mean, I spent thousands of dollars on a website, learned photoshop, took workshops and all the while The Little Room of Style wasn’t what I wanted it to be. Today, it is clear to me the solution to my problem is stop wanting and just allow the creative process to be expressed in whatever way it wanted. So many times I would sit at my desk and think, I can now see that was not helping me. In my experience pushing the creative process by dangling a carrot in front of it is not a good idea in the long run.


The last few weeks have been nothing but living in the creative process which is not always flowers and lace. Oh no, it is grungy at times… is dark and filled with shadows. The light just behind the heart is all that is needed to break those shadows open and fill the dark spots with beautiful light. Everything looks better in light. With all this said, The Little Room of Style will be my home for another six weeks. My long time business adventure is now taking shape and I have begun working on a new concept and design that I cannot wait to share with all of you. This new project will include a new service in interior design (my real profession), a product that will change your interior and inner life and a book where you will get to know my story.

I have blogging to thank for this transformation and I look forward to taking my new form of blogging to the new site.


I wish everyone a beautiful day,






A New Outlook for The Little Room of Style

Hello everyone, how are you doing today? For those of you who stop by regularly you may have noticed a little change in the content here in The Little Room of Style. When I began blogging just a short time ago {April} I had big ideas for the future of my blog. After a few months I began to realize my idea of a blog was different to the one I was introduced to and I felt the need to shift the frame a little. With that said, The Little Room of Style is a place where I will share my journey with you and I hope you feel you can do the same. With each post there will be a deep and meaningful message which is the kind of blogging I feel most “at home” with.




The journey of blogging has been one of discovery and gratitude. The branches have been a little challenging to get around and sometimes they are sharp. The green leaves which grow from the branches remind me anything is possible. Looking down or backwards is never in my mind. Once I climbed a little higher, I started to see my home, I could almost touch it. As I reached for it, I began to peek inside and I knew I was at home for there was a sense of knowing I ha not felt up until now. Home sweet home is where I am, please do join me. I love that you are here and every single one of you reading this is special to me. No matter what happens, I am always grateful for every comment and share. Please keep being who you are.



Great things are happening Now

Yesterday while browsing Pinterest I came across a beautiful hand written quote on canvas that created a bit of curiosity inside of me. The handwriting read “Good things are about to happen”. The word about stood out for me.

As I reflected and arrived to my own answer I remembered the days  I would wait for something “good” to happen and call it “thinking positive”. My inner vision was hidden by the activity in my mind to see all the good was in the present moment. There is nothing “out there” in the future than can bring me happiness right Now. So the question stands, why do we wait for good things to happen? Why do we resist taking in all the wonder that is in the moment we are living? I have asked myself these questions and the only answer I have come to is my own. Expecting something great to happen takes my true nature of being out of the equation, it leaves only my mind to master me. To think ahead is an example of not being present with the moment that holds so many miracles just waiting to be brought forth into our existence.


Let’s try something together, shall we? Sit comfortably and close your eyes. Take four deep breaths and with your ears, listen to the birds, the wind and the trees moving without anyone telling them to do so. Feel your heart open up and greet you into a space you can retreat to numerous times a day to experience a sense of peace. Yes, we are out of our minds even if just for a second.  In that moment of pure stillness, we are present with ourselves which to me is a miracle. This is what I call heaven.

It is easy to get stuck in the scaffolding of the mind, I certainly still do and my practice is to quiet and still the mind so I can experience greatest present of all, the moment. Yes, we are worthy of gifts, especially harmony and inner peace.  The mind is certainly a gift as well as long as its job is to provide a gateway to the great things which lie within us and not to be a tornado.  We are given a life of continuous present moments so why not appreciate them….starting now. I will join you, and if you would like please share with us what you experience.


Great things are happening right here, right now.




*This post is based on my experience and my knowing. It is in no way meant to teach the reader how to live, it is simply an act of sharing. 


5 ways to Find Wonder in Your Life

Do you ever feel like you are missing out on the wonder in life? Do you go about your day just thinking “WOW, this is Life, I am here, I am the moment, and I am astonished at the miraculous world I live in”. I was once a girl who traveled  the world week in and week out but wasn’t able to be free of my mind and enjoy the moments for what they were, wondrous. The concept of picking up a leaf or looking someone in the eyes never crossed my thought filled mind. My head was swirling with ideas of what and who I should be, was I good enough? Was I going to be judged? Who would like me? Oh, the swirling chatter of insecurity flew around upstairs  like leaves in a wind storm. That was then and this is now.

Today, I am grateful to say I am not in the same place. After a few years of very intense, hard work I now lead my life with my heart and allow my mind to come and join us when invited. While I am not perfect, I have more and more moments out of my mind which is a feeling of bliss. In this state, I can truly create and be who I really am. When I realized other people miss the wonder in life too,  I was inspired to share what I do to be free of my mind and find my inner sanctuary I call mySelf. I hope these help guide you or anyone you know looking to experience the miracles in life that do not cost a penny.

We can find wonder everywhere, it is in this moment and it is within us. Do you ever look or touch something and feel a shift, a click of sorts in your heart? For me, that is the best feeling ever, nothing can top that. I know in that moment my soul is speaking to me, it is illuminating and shining as bright as a star. I used to think it was crazy when I felt the distinct feeling of connection I told myself  maybe I shouldn’t have had the third cup of espresso. After time, I began to listen to this feeling, it was real and I was not about to ignore it. Today, I feel the click over a hundred times a day, not that I am counting or anything. When I am out of my mind, I am in my heart and that is the best place I can possibly be. It is wear all the truth is revealed, it is home, it is love.

To discover the wonder within your daily life, inner and outer, is actually simple….here are several ways I find a connection to myself  in everyday life.

1. Look into someone’s eyes. It is something we rarely do as the mind is wanting to run around the maze upstairs. Sit down with someone, look into their eyes for 10 seconds and listen, you will be amazed at the shift you feel. Be fully present for someone who is sitting in front of you. In each moment, we are being given the gift of presence. It’s all we have, let’s cherish it.



2. Take a moment and look at a flower. I know I know, just do it. Feel yourself melt away from your mind….you are just “there” with the flower. Look at the petals and the depth of color within the leaves. Just be in the wonder of the fact it was created by nature and it’s there to enjoy and become inspired by.




3. Look up. With deadlines, endless to-do lists, and commitments these days we are in a hurry. Thinking becomes the task of the moment and the heart gets left to its own without any light. I often make it a practice to look up into the sky and say thank you. When I put my feet on the sidewalk I am glancing up into the sky to see all the wonder up there. The clouds have a lot to say, the raindrops hold a refreshing tonic, the sun gives us Vitamin D and light to make our day a lot brighter. Be sure to be aware of the shift that happens within you, don’t try to force it….just wait for it. Look up, in that moment listen to what you hear inside.




4. Do something kind for someone.  I always find it wondrous what happens within me when I do something for someone else. Whether is holding a door for someone, buying the person a coffee in the drive-through, giving someone my scarf they love so much, or doing a photo shoot for free to a mother who doesn’t have the funds to pay for it. Life is not about getting, it is about giving. Every time I think of someone else other than myself, I am happy.


5. Get close to a dog. Ok, I know this may seem like an odd one if you are afraid of dogs. If you are, then this one is for YOU! Dogs have a way of showing us how to be fully present. For me, my dogs are brilliant teachers in this section of the classroom I call life. Watch how a dog is just doing the next single thing, they are HERE. Their time is always NOW. Feel the shift, it is wondrous.




Finding the wonder in life is a way of living. It takes practice as the mind will always want to compete and win your attention. You may even be hearing your mind tell you this blog post is a load of rubbish and if so, that will be your experience. If you are looking for ways to become more heart centered all you have to be is aware and willing to see the beauty in everyday life through your eyes which lead to your heart. Wonder is the essence of life. We are here to live extraordinary lives and the fact is…..we are wondrous, we are miracles. Believe it.


I wish you a day filled with wonder, discovery, treasures, and moments you will cherish forever in your heart.






All images by Jocelyn Casey.

Whatever Happens….Keep Moving Forward

My mantra this week is: No matter what…keep going. No matter what people say or think it does not concern me. With the upmost respect for life and the experiences it brings, I am going to continue moving forward even though at times it may seem challenging. Surrendering during the “hard” times is what ultimately brings peace and joy in the heart and allows the mind to quiet and be still.


I wish each of you a day filled with moments that make your heart sing.





Photo by Jocelyn Casey

Urban Jungle Bloggers ~ Nature Heals Nature

Hello everyone and welcome to the #3rd edition of the Urban Jungle Bloggers! Along with Judith at and Igor from Happy Interior Blog we are bringing you our tips and tools for growing healthy, happy plants. The wonderful part about collaborating with fellow bloggers is I never leave a post without having learned something I didn’t know before. Experience is a great teacher, right? As in everyday life, we see through a different set of eyes, we feel through a different heart, and we form ideas in minds that are completely different than another so why not use this as a golden opportunity to learn? I don’t know about you, but I happen to love to see how others live, feel, and think. I can only speak for myself in saying my tip has come from my personal experience with my “green gems” I call plants. If anything, I hope this will inspire you in some way to create your own form, practice, or way of living with your plants.


When I see my plants thriving in a small pot so many metaphors come to mind. I mean, how can they grow in that tiny yet perfectly sized for them pot? Well the answer is simple, they do it. They tell me every once in a while what they need whether it be water, love, or shelter. I can always tell my looking at them if they are thriving or just surviving. When I moved to Germany I never knew about wintergarden’s and it was a learning process for me to research what plants would thrive best in a sort of faux natural setting. To stay close to my connection with Arizona I chose a lot of succulents, cacti, and healing plants to surround myself with. Turns out, even plants need some healing every once in a while. As I began to research the crystals I collected for personal use, I found they also were used to increase vitality in the life f plants. It all makes perfect sense, we are all nature so why wouldn’t it work? My approach for helping my plants through their transitions is simple. Less is Less. Less is Best. Naturally, I am not someone who overdoes anything, I am firm believer in the less I do and say is always the best thing for me.


Of course good light is essential for anything in nature to thrive and feel alive. Without light we would not survive. This one is quite easy, I have these plants in my studio next to a window that gets indirect light and no draft, Aloe for instance does not prefer too much cool air. These guys are happy as can be here with their crystals that constantly get energized by the light as well.


Since the aloe vera plant is one that provides the highest element of healing I have placed the Auralite crystal right into the pot. I have seen some people stick the entire crystal into the soil but this seems to work best for Mr. Aloe. The Pink Quartz cleans the air, provides endless healing for everything in this room and also brings in love which as we all know, heals all.


It is funny, I never thought of myself as a collector of anything but I guess I do have quite the collection of crystals. Do you ever wonder why you are drawn to collect what you collect? Some people have a fascinating collection of stamps or even matches! I find it fascinating. For me, crystals have such significant meaning and I cherish every one of them. When I look at them closely I am amazed they come from the earth. Plucked right from the interior of our beautiful mother nature we are given healing stones and crystals to take us to a new level if we should choose to. Never have I had a client or a friend come over and be in awe of the crystals, they carry a deeper meaning I believe we are searching for in everything we touch. Plants are no different in the case of needed a little extra “pull” towards growth and healing so this is why I chose to share with you my best tip for helping plants grow happy and healthy.

Each crystal you see here except for the Pink  (Rose) Quartz was purchased from the same shop in Sedona, Arizona over the years. I will do my best to be as precise as I can when it comes to the healing properties of these crystals. Please note: you may have these same stones and my understanding of what they do could be different from them, try to go with it, there is no right or wrong. One thing I do know is the love these crystals carry is really all that needs to be known.

Cavancite: This is the crystal of courage. I place it next to plants or flowers that need a little extra perseverance.

Citrine: The holder of the sun’s energy and a crystal that never needs to be cleaned. This will bring plants the energy to flourish and wards off any negative energy.

Lemurian Seed and Hematite: This two in one crystal was found in Canada and is very special to me. The chevron lines where it is formed in the inside is like tiny little mirrors reflecting every inch of the interior. Lemurian Seed is often known at the Stone of Ancient Wisdom and it holds blessings of unconditional love. What plant doesn’t love LOVE? Hematite, the Stone of Expansion is protecting and grounding and is the bringer of the light so to speak. This crystal is a powerful combo as both elements are wonderful for plants.

Pink Quartz (also known as Rose Quartz): I love Quartz of any kind. I often used to hike a trail in Arizona that was filled with Clear and Rose Quartz the size of my head. This beautiful piece of nature is what most say is the most important stone of crystal to have in your home as it cleanses all negativity and hardship. For plants, its calming and soothing properties are essential.

Auralite: This crystal has 23 active minerals in it which makes it extra special. It enhances and magnifies the other energies within nearby crystals making the entire “circuit” more powerful.

Amethyst: Where to start with this I am not sure. This stone is absolutely gorgeous in color and texture. Most of you may know this one as it is the birthstone for February. Like most crystals, they can be tumbled to look like stones as opposed to crystals. This one in particular provides healing for plants in transitions from Fall to Winter. It transmutes negative energy as well.



I hope this has been a fun and new view on healing for plants! Be sure to check out what Judith’s tips are as well as Igor’s. I seem to remember Igor having a clear crystal of some sort next to his plants! Please be sure to have fun and if you wish to join us let me know in the comment area and we will be sure to get you on the contact list so you can stay up to date with when and what our next green adventure is.

I wish you all a wonderful day filled with everything you love,




All photography by Jocelyn Casey.



Urban Jungle Bloggers is a monthly series by 3 bloggers: Igor {Happy Interior Blog} Jocelyn {The Little Room of Style} and Judith {}. Every month we share ideas to create an urban jungle through styling ideas, DIY’s and green tips & tricks. You can find additional inspiration on our Urban Jungle Bloggers Pinterest board. Want to join? Use #urbanjungle on twitter and instagram. Or let us know and we’ll share he badge and upcoming topics with you. Let’s bring some green into our homes and blogs! 

Mildred and Lucy’s tips for staying present

Hello everyone. As you may well know by now, I love photographing animals in their natural habitat. My friend Athena and I took a long drive last week along the backroads and discovered a field with the cutest miniature horses I have ever seen. As I edited the photos I was once again led to write a story about them which I hope will help children and adults alike. Spending time with these two certainly confirmed a lot of things for me I need to integrate more into my daily life….enjoy reading.








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With love,


Jocelyn & Athena

The beauty along the back roads….

Hello everyone and Happy Monday! I hope this post finds you all well. I am currently in Arizona wrapping up some business before heading back to Germany tonight. Here are some photos from my journey along the back roads of the Illinois countryside. My friend Athena and I jumped in the car and just headed down the winding roads in search of anything and everything that “spoke” to us. The beauty of not having a destination is fully savoring the present moment. I hope you enjoy these little snippets….

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I wish you all a beautiful day filled with everything you love.




All photography by Jocelyn Casey.