Let’s go to Positano!

I don’t know about you guys but I could sure use a break from the hectic rush of January. I am down right overwhelmed and even though I know a vacation is not the answer it doesn’t hurt to just “go there” in my mind. I love Italy, in fact besides Germany it is my favorite country in Europe. The people are friendly, funny and full of laughs. I don’t even know where to start when it comes to the food! Between pasta and gelato I somehow lose all self-will when I go to Italy and  this is just soooooo nice to enjoy. Have any of you ever been to the Amalfi Coast? Positano is on our radar for this summer and we need some help! Do you have any suggestions of where to stay or eat? If so, I would love to hear and please feel free to share in the comments section!




If you could choose one place to go in your mind right now where would it be? Ok, back to reality which is just lovely as it is.


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  • http://www.colourliving.co.uk/blog tina @ colourliving

    I spent much of my childhood in Italy so am very familiar with it.

    Positano is gorgeous in every way. It must be the most romantic spot ever. There’s not much to do so I would hire a car and drive around…. xx

    Take a look here:

    • http://thelittleroomofstyle.com/ Jocelyn Casey

      Oh what a lucky girl! thank you for the tip my friend! x

  • love.elodie

    Such a beautiful spot! I love this region too!

  • Robin | Melange Travel

    Hi Jocelyn!

    Hope I’m not too late to help. A have some suggestions for you!

    To stay : Villa Rosa, Hotel California, La Rosa dei Venti.

    To eat: Lo Guaraccino, Cafe Positano. Da Adalfo (you take a boat the dock in Positano to their resto and back. Look for the boat with the red fish)

    Drinks : Make sure to grab a drink at the Hotel Sirenuse’s outdoor bar – drop dead gorgeous views. La Terrazze has a cool cave like bar/disco in the castle at the far end of Spiaggia Grande (the main beach) called Music on the Rocks. Upstairs is an outdoor restaurant which is surrounded by the sea and is a very unique, albeit pricey, dining experience.

    And here is a link for some other suggestons :


    I hope you have a wonderful time. It’s a dream 🙂

    Buon Viaggio!