Friday Favorites:Tulips, Art + Whippets

Today is Friday and that means I will be sharing with you some of my favorite {tangible} things in my life but not until I share something from my heart. I have had what I would call a rough week but that is now coming to a close and not just because it is Friday. One important practice I have integrated into my life this week has been a new way of handling challenging times. Life is hard and it isn’t so easy to be happy all the time. I made up a little mantra to help myself and maybe you will find it useful…when I find myself getting frustrated, angry or jealous I repeat to myself in silence: feel it, deal it and seal it. I remind myself the way to peace is  to feel my feelings, deal with them in whatever way I need to and seal it with a new approach to what will ultimately lead me to a more blissful state. There is nothing that will make you go crazier than NOT feeling your feelings. I know that for sure!

Ok, on to my favorite tangibles. Flowers are the one thing that can make me smile and fill the room with a fragrance of freshness. I know tulips don’t usually carry a scent but these beauties from New Jersey smell divine. I love how simple the stem is, they look so classic in a glass or crystal vase. Tulips go with every decor whether it be modern, classic, traditional or eclectic. During my afternoon run for flowers yesterday I picked up two bunches and thought I would capture a few vignettes for you around my home. I hope you enjoy the little tour!


At my front door I have one of my favorite pieces of art, an  Andy Warhol poster called “Happy Bug Day”. I love to see it every time I walk out the door, it reminds me to appreciate the process of creativity in not only myself but others. The crystal vase seemed so perfect for the tulips and as soon as I put them on the table they began leaning towards the light.  I love the M&M’s they have at this time of the year, the pale pink chocolate sweets match the tulips perfectly and they are a nice little treat on my way out the door.





My living room is a place I rarely go and I am not entirely sure why. It could be because there are always remnants of dog cookie on the sofa? Popcorn loves to lay right on top of the pillows so they are usually covered in dog hair which I lint roll before people come over. Glamorous, I know. I had some tulips left over so I added them in a glass vase and set them on top of some books for a little pop of color. Flowers are a great way to add color to an otherwise very beige room. I am really into color these days….beginning with pale pink tulips of course.



If you are curious as to what my dogs do while I am styling and capturing these vignettes here you go….Coolwhip had enough and decided to retire to the patio to lay on this comfy chair. The cushion was so warm from the sun he was basically baking….he loves warmth. I think he also loves the waft of lemon verbena just below his nose!


Popcorn is the most photogenic dog I have ever photographed! He is known as “The Popper” around here but he responds best to “cookie”. This dog could eat until he looked like a pool float rather than a whippet. He is always by my side, if I leave the room so does he, if I sit on the floor he is right there with me. Here, he is lounging so gracefully on his sofa and pillows.


Well that is all for now, friends. I wish you all a fabulous weekend and if you see some tulips…buy them for yourself. You deserve something nice.





  • tina @ colourliving

    Beautiful tulips, beautiful Warhol print and of course, beautiful Coolwhip and Popcorn. They are quite magnificent and always look so regal.

    Can’t believe the M&M’s come in those colours??

    Thank you for the brightness. I hope next week will be better for you:-) Happy weekend sweets xx

    • Jocelyn Casey

      Thank you for your sweet note, Tina. Coolwhip and Popcorn go so well with tulips and are as sweet as those gorgeous M&M’s. xx

  • Anya Jensen

    Dear Jocelyn, you capture the simplicity of the tulips so well, your vignettes are delightful. And I have to agree – Popcorn (and of course Coolwhip) are crazy photogenic – so beautiful with those eyes. Have a marvelous day xx

    • Jocelyn Casey

      Thank you Anya! Tulips seem to be everywhere at the moment which is lovely. Have a wonderful day and I am so pleased I am able to say, “I will see you soon”!!! xx