Freshly prepared Principle for 2014

Hello everyone and welcome to the last day of 2013! I am so glad we get to share it together. If I haven’t mentioned it before I am grateful to be writing with you. Every time I sit at my computer I am led to write something meaningful and significant and today is no different. This year has been beyond fantastic and I am amazed at how much I have learned. With every person I’ve met I have discovered something new about myself I didn’t know existed. My passport is full of stamps and with every one I carry beautiful memories of the world.  Within me is a design, a blueprint for the way I choose to style my life. My new signature style will be the main thread running through the fabric of my life and with every thing I do.

The design I currently hold within is a result of three years of intense work on my interior life. Let’s just say there were a few areas that needed updating and the light bulbs needed to be replaced.

My new design also comes with a new mission/principle in which I style my life. I mean, what good is a brilliant design without impeccable style? It would be like having the frame of a beautiful Italian sofa with no fabric. From this point forward my life is less about me and more about others. It is simple, when I walk into a meeting about the book I am writing it is not about me, it is a story about a part of my life that will hopefully inspire, support and encourage others to never give up. When my client’s come to me it is not about my name being stamped all over the interior of their home, it is about them. I will be acting as a guide to help them realize they too have the potential to create beautiful functional spaces that bring peace and harmony. Again, my life is less about me and more about others.

When I meet someone for coffee I listen, deeply. No matter what, I am there to lift them up, support them and not sway them with my opinions and thoughts unless asked. In my experience, simply listening to someone can shift his or her day from horrible to fantastic. Once more, it is about them, not me.


Blog posts will be altered slightly to compliment my new outlook as well. With every post my intention is to share meaningful and profound material that will shine some light on others. I am genuinely fascinated by the way the interiors of one’s home reflects the interior of their life. The new blog will be more than just posting about companies and the products they sell. I want to bring you the real stuff, the deeper more sincere work that allows us to connect and learn from one another.

Many questions have come up regarding how I will be able to handle this new principle. How can I make it about others and not myself? It’s easy; it is my belief and my knowing this is my way. For instance, when I given the opportunity to share a speech I am not on stage to get kudos or to become “famous”.  I am on stage to be of service to others, if my story helps another then I have done my job and there is nothing that can top that.  This is what gives me energy! At the end of the day, what I do and how I work  is no “better” than anyone else, it is just different.


I wish you and everyone in your day a wonderful New Year’s celebration!

See you next year,


Jocelyn xx

  • Sara

    Happy New Year Jocelyn! I can’t wait to read these new upcoming posts! To me, you have always geared toward others. I only wish that you were close enough to have a coffee with!

    Lots of love for the new year!