Dreaming + Believing

 Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step. ~ Martin Luther King Jr. 


Today is Martin Luther King Jr. day and here in the U.S. this national holiday carries a lot of meaning for everyone.  Not only does is represent the dignity a man held within his life but also a level integrity that inspires me. This post is dedicated to MLK Jr., anyone who has big dreams or who is living out the life of their dreams. May we all begin to honor the dreams of everyone regardless of gender, color or principles.

It is natural for me to dream and as a child my mind ran as wild as my painted pony, Poncho on the vast open fields I called home for most of my childhood. When I think back to when I was a child I have to giggle to myself and at the same time I have a little bit of grief. I begin to laugh when I return back to my nine-year old self who bought a pony out of the classifieds and never thought for a second her dream would come true of bringing that pony home to the stable that awaited him. Disbelief was not in my vocabulary and it certainly wasn’t in my consciousness! If I refer to the dreams I hold in my heart today, I am a little sad because I long for the ability to make it happen without doing anything just as I did when I was younger. It seems quite simple, right? Just believe…well, that is not so easy for me, yet. I have so many concepts in my mind, beliefs and opinions from others. While my practice is to always listen to my intuition, which I call my Soul, I am tempted to listen to the voices in my head. Turning the mind off is essential for me to hear my true voice, that quiet whisper I hear way down in the depths of my being I rarely go. I will go as far as saying that my dreams scare me just a tad, which I see as a good thing. As soon as I begin to dream, my mind begins to tell me how it won’t happen and what I need to “do” before it will ever come true. Seriously, who does my mind think it is? Thankfully with a lot of practice I am able to redirect my thoughts to a cloud and send it out into the sky far away. I literally say to them, “thank you for the comment but you are not needed here”. One day I hope to be free of the chatter but for now I will practice stilling my mind and sending its beliefs to another place.




Today, I have come to know the truth for me and here it goes: My mind is a house with zero style. It is trying to speak a language my heart can’t comprehend. The best part about my mind is that it acts as an awareness “catcher”. If I didn’t have my mind I wouldn’t be aware of what was going on and as we all know, it’s good to know what is happening. Most of the time I know the chatter upstairs is just jargon and not important but in order for me to get to that realization I had to believe it.

One thing I know for sure is that I am living my dream right here, right now in this moment and I cannot ask for more. I do have dreams of writing a book, speaking about my experience and learning more foreign languages; in the meantime I am grateful for the gifts I have been given. I don’t ask for my dreams in a way to “get” anything because I have all I need and that is something I never dreamt of saying out loud but I am because I believed in myself. I believed I had a purpose here or why else would I be here? I have experienced my life so far just as it was planned and let’s just say I am living the dream…it might not always be petals and bunny rabbits but it is an experience that brings me closer to knowing my Self.

What are your dreams? Does anything get in the way of them coming true? When you look at your life from the second row seat does it appear you are living out the life of your dreams?


Jocelyn x



Photo by Jocelyn Casey.

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    These are far too big questions for me to answer on a blog, but I enjoy followng your journey to self-knowing….. Happy week lovely. xx