Checking In

Hello everyone! How are you doing today? Are you enjoying your day so far? It is a cloudy day here and I am so ready for some relief from the sun. I know, sounds so odd doesn’t it? Perhaps growing up in Florida and being in the sun all day quenched my thirst for sun beams. Living in Arizona can be like living in an oven and it is times like today I am grateful for a little cloud cover. Over the weekend I filled my little garden with a few new pots and flowers to brighten it up a bit. One of my most favorite things to do in life is to be close to nature, dig my hands in dirt and make a plant a happy place to live and thrive. The little creme pot below is one I picked up at the plant nursery, isn’t she sweet? The plant is a succulent type and you will have to forgive me for not remembering the name of it. Do you find gardening to be relaxing? Does it give your mind some time to relax and just be?


Remember how last week I was certain the new blog would be done by Monday? Well, there has been a little snag with the coding and we have had to take some time to mindfully sort it out so just a few more days, I hope! In times like this it seems I have to “up” my practice of patience and allowing things to flow just as they are. Pressing and trying to “make” something happen just isn’t a part of my life design.

Yesterday I had the most amazing day shooting my brand film with Alejandra Vidal of Imaginale Design. I was introduced to Alejandra by Promise Tangeman and will forever be grateful for our meeting. I always wanted to do a video for my brand but wasn’t sure where I would find someone who shared the same vision for expressing the principles of my work. Working with Ale has been wonderful and needless to say, I am super stoked to see the final product!

Today I am working on catching up with a few clients in Chicago and California to wrap up loose ends. Coolwhip and Popcorn need a bath so we will be heading to the Wag n’ Wash to have a little spa time. What are you up to today?

Jocelyn xx

  • Igor Josifovic

    I can’t wait to see your new blog design, Jocelyn! And your new flowers look very beautiful and carry the promise of a warm and sunny springtime! Oh and I am pretty sure it is a Kalanchoe plant!

    • Jocelyn Casey

      Hello sweet friend, thank you for stopping by and reminding me of my plants name! Geesh! I think I will call him Kali, or maybe even Igor! It feels like summer here already but the promise of rain is coming soon which will be nice for all the plants and trees. New blog is coming up soon! Big hugs to you! jxx

  • Anya Jensen

    Do you know it’s so funny how people react to the weather depending on where they live: In a warm/hotter climate people have gotten so used to the sunshine and applaud a few clouds, whereas here in Denmark we have very few sunshine hours (especially during the Winter – this January we had 17 hours of sunshine – 17 in a whole month ha ha) So we literally obsess with the weather. In the Summer it gets worse, because we feel the sun ought to be out, and when it rains (and it does) people get really disappointed. I wrote a post about it before and had the same reaction- (as mine from people in Northern Countries, and people south or somewhere hot – loved a rainy/hazy/cloudy day:) Sorry for the essay – just thought it was a fun observation. Have a great day Jocelyn, I look forward to seeing your new blog. Ax

    • Jocelyn Casey

      I loved reading your essay 🙂 I am fascinated by the weather and how it changes my mood. I love the sun, snow, rain, hail and wind….I take it all! It’s energy whether it makes us where more clothes or less. Now…17 hours of sunshine could make me paint an entire room YELLOW! Thank you for your kind words and support, they really mean a lot to me. I adore you! x

  • tina @ colourliving

    Now when is this new blog happening? It’s like waiting to give birth:-)))
    Everyday I expect the news… Anya is obsessed with weather:-) Love her!

    Love the new plant! x

    • Jocelyn Casey

      Oh Tina, this comment made me laugh for a good minute or two! It is very similar to the royal wedding or birth, right? I mean, I know I make a “big” deal of it but that’s because it is! I am still laughing….thank you for making my day even brighter! The new blog is almost done! Fingers crossed for today or tomorrow xx