Let’s go to Positano!

I don’t know about you guys but I could sure use a break from the hectic rush of January. I am down right overwhelmed and even though I know a vacation is not the answer it doesn’t hurt to just “go there” in my mind. I love Italy, in fact besides Germany it is my favorite country in Europe. The people are friendly, funny and full of laughs. I don’t even know where to start when it comes to the food! Between pasta and gelato I somehow lose all self-will when I go to Italy and  this is just soooooo nice to enjoy. Have any of you ever been to the Amalfi Coast? Positano is on our radar for this summer and we need some help! Do you have any suggestions of where to stay or eat? If so, I would love to hear and please feel free to share in the comments section!




If you could choose one place to go in your mind right now where would it be? Ok, back to reality which is just lovely as it is.


Happy day,



Weekend Hide Out/In

This week has been one of those I wish I could start all over again and do a lot of things differently. While I always strive to be optimistic and hold a higher vibration in my heart it is hard and sometimes it just doesn’t happen. The good part about making mis-takes is that I learn so much which will in return move me forward. So with that said, I am unplugging from the digital world and plugging into my inner world where there is more to be learned about life than any website. Coolwhip has the right idea here, I caught him snoozing on our bed {which is not allowed, oops}. His approach to life is one I admire.


I wish you a happy weekend and a fun Labor Day to my friends in America!

Jocelyn and Coolwhip xx