The Little Room of Style has a new space!

Hello everyone! Today is out last day here on The Little Room of Style as we have moved to The Inner Interior, a more intimate space in blog space. I hope you will come and join me and rest assure I will leave this blog up so you can still retrieve “older” material. Thank you for being such wonderful readers and supporters of The Little Room of Style and as we know, when we grow we also outgrow. Onwards!  11

Stop by and see me at The Inner Interior today where I am sharing beautiful flowers, my thoughts on incorporating reflection into homes, mindful living and of course a good mantra to kick off the weekend!


Jocelyn xx

Checking In

Hello everyone! How are you doing today? Are you enjoying your day so far? It is a cloudy day here and I am so ready for some relief from the sun. I know, sounds so odd doesn’t it? Perhaps growing up in Florida and being in the sun all day quenched my thirst for sun beams. Living in Arizona can be like living in an oven and it is times like today I am grateful for a little cloud cover. Over the weekend I filled my little garden with a few new pots and flowers to brighten it up a bit. One of my most favorite things to do in life is to be close to nature, dig my hands in dirt and make a plant a happy place to live and thrive. The little creme pot below is one I picked up at the plant nursery, isn’t she sweet? The plant is a succulent type and you will have to forgive me for not remembering the name of it. Do you find gardening to be relaxing? Does it give your mind some time to relax and just be?


Remember how last week I was certain the new blog would be done by Monday? Well, there has been a little snag with the coding and we have had to take some time to mindfully sort it out so just a few more days, I hope! In times like this it seems I have to “up” my practice of patience and allowing things to flow just as they are. Pressing and trying to “make” something happen just isn’t a part of my life design.

Yesterday I had the most amazing day shooting my brand film with Alejandra Vidal of Imaginale Design. I was introduced to Alejandra by Promise Tangeman and will forever be grateful for our meeting. I always wanted to do a video for my brand but wasn’t sure where I would find someone who shared the same vision for expressing the principles of my work. Working with Ale has been wonderful and needless to say, I am super stoked to see the final product!

Today I am working on catching up with a few clients in Chicago and California to wrap up loose ends. Coolwhip and Popcorn need a bath so we will be heading to the Wag n’ Wash to have a little spa time. What are you up to today?

Jocelyn xx

A Contemplative Pinterest Selection

Hello everyone and welcome to a contemplative Wednesday here in my world. I often browse Pinterest for inspiration and to acknowledge the creative nature of others. I must say, my most favorite category on Pinterest is words, mainly because in my own life I value the spoken word immensely. The written word to me is just as important and I find myself contemplating the quotes I read which in turn reveal something I am meant to be aware of. For me, thinking is different from contemplating. The act of contemplation is mainly done is silence without my mind trying to “figure out” what something means. More often than not the message arrives in the form of something other than a thought, it may come as a feeling or visualization. Regardless, words of any kind {especially quotes} lead me to a place where I am quiet and receptive to what is meant to be heard which is part of me returning to my true self.

How do words and quotes resonate with you? Do you read them and immediately feel they have no connection to you? Or do you simply rest in the words and let them melt into you? I am intrigued….please do share. Below are some of my favorites from today’s visit on Pinterest.




It appears mindfulness is beginning to flow into the mainstream of life which is lovely to see. Today I am practicing slowing down before I speak, incorporating a deeper sense of awareness when I express my words because at the end of the day, words matter not just because they are words but because the feeling behind the word is what holds the power.

Make it a great day,


Time for a Recap

Hello everyone! How are you today? This week could be the busiest of all with the new blog being coded and prepared for a launch! Fingers crossed this week will be “the week”. Over the weekend I was preparing my living room for a photo shoot which I will share with you a little bit later. My garden needed a little extra tending with all the warm weather we are having  so I enjoyed spending time with my “green” friends. Today I am preparing a few fresh posts for the new blog and working on a project I have been involved in since the Spring just outside Chicago. Working from a distance has always been a bit challenging for me since I am a very visual person and I am glad to see this house coming together so well. I did manage to capture a few of my favorite moments which are below. I think it is certain Coolwhip and Popcorn are taking over my instagram!


There are some fun online events coming up which I invite you to take a deeper look into if you wish. There is a flower challenge I love to take part in which was created by Elodie of Madame Love and Inga of Glomery Lane. I love this series and this month the flower is anemone….oh yes, I have already ordered my flowers and will incorporate them into a guest room this week! Another great collaboration you can be a part of is Urban Jungle Bloggers created by Judith of Joelix and Igor from Happy Interior Blog.…go ahead and get your green on! Join in on the fun!

I will be back later this week to give you a little update and in the meantime, I wish you and everyone in your life a beautiful day!

Jocelyn xx

A little gratitude for the weekend…

Hello everyone! Can you believe it is Friday already? I don’t know what happened to this week! It seemed to fly by right before my eyes. I woke up this morning with a sort of flat feeling, do you ever feel that way? I wasn’t sad but I wasn’t full of inspiration either. I know by now when I feel this way I move into a state of gratitude. I am always grateful for every single one of you and perhaps I don’t say it enough so this is my post to you today! I am dedicating this post to every reader of The Little Room of Style. If you are reading this post right now be sure to know I am grateful for you and what you bring here. Just by being who you are you make the world a better place.


I did get word that next week my new blog will be finished and we will be LIVE! I cannot even tell you how excited, nervous and happy I am to show it to you all. I appreciate every single one of you for being supportive and encouraging me along the way. Every comment I read literally makes me smile on the outside and on the inside my heart is doing a happy dance.

As soon as we begin to make the transition I will be sure to leave a note on this blog for a little bit to make sure everyone is directed to the new home. Some of you will be very pleased to know after all your comments about Disqus I will not be using that platform for commenting but if any of you have other suggestions besides wordpress please let me know!

Be sure tell someone today you are grateful for them. Share the goodness in your heart, it is part of what we are here for. 

Jocelyn x


Photo by Jocelyn Casey. 


Kindness is an Inside Job

It is no secret that since we were young our parents or caretakers taught us to be kind to others. In kindergarten we were taught sharing is caring, right? We know that being kind and thoughtful towards our friends, family and even strangers is what makes us good human beings. But what happens when we feel slightly dried up inside? Do you ever feel like your tank is running on empty and you just have no more to give anymore? If so, you just might want to keep reading.

I am a giver and anyone that knows me well understands this. Just the other day I was at Trader Joe’s grocery store packing my bags and the clerk, Jen asked me where I got my guitar string bracelets. As she pointed to the stack of thin metal strings on my arm I slid a few off and said, “here, have them, please”. Jen immediately refused to take as if she was embarrassed for even mentioning it but I insisted she take them. With her blue eyes and sweet smile she bashfully whispered, “thank you, this means so much to me”. Like I said, I am a giver, it is part of what makes me who I am and I feel good when I give back. As of late I have felt the way you do when you get to the bottom of your favorite box of cereal only to find a few crumbs left. I have felt this way before but never to this degree so I began to search within myself for answers and this is what I have come to….

It is easy for me to look outside myself for love, appreciation and even kindness but in the end this is what drains me and I am left feeling exhausted. With this feeling overwhelming my heart to the point it could no longer take the weight, I went on a walk and  what came to me was looking outside of myself for anything is only going to cause pain. Filling myself up each and every day with kindness and love is where it begins. So, with that said, I would like to share with you a few ways in which we can all fill up our kindness tank and let it flow forth into our every day life.


Recognizing your Beauty

Every morning when we wake up and look in the mirror we see ourselves looking back at us. What we see in the mirror is the shell which protects the true beauty that rests within our being. As you look at yourself, point out something that is beautiful to you. I am not talking about what society and culture say is beautiful, what do you feel is beautiful about you? It could be everything or it could be the way your hair falls to the side of your cheek. It could be the depth of green your eyes are revealing. Perhaps you like your nose, if so, point it out to yourself. It is easy for us to recognize what we don’t like but practice seeing the good. Tell yourself how wonderful you are. This is not vain; this is self-love in the purest form. Honoring our body is part of filling up our inner “tank”  we begin the day with fullness.  When we recognize the beauty within ourselves we naturally see it in others. Beauty is an inside job.

Five minutes of Freedom 

Giving yourself time throughout the day to just be alone is possibly the most difficult and rewarding if you have children or elderly parents you care for. If you work in an office with a nice boss you will find he or she will gladly let you take five minutes to go sit in the sun to let the warmth wash over you and just be with You. I step away from the computer for five minutes at least four times a day to go and sit with my face to the sky, sun or no sun. Just taking a moment to let my eyes rest and my heart sing I am practicing kindness to my self. I am not a machine and even with constant deadlines on my calendar I know for me, time-outs are what make me feel a sense of fullness. I am able to be more productive during my day when I feel fulfilled. Freedom is an inside job.

A Good Walk 

Just like a five-minute break from the desk, a walk can also do wonders for our “tank”. The senses are amazing when we bring awareness to them, don’t you agree? When I walk my dogs I am also taking myself for a walk. I watch Coolwhip look up at the sky and follow a bird with his incredible big black eyes. I find myself watching the bird with him and instantly I am out of my analytical mind. Popcorn sifs every bush in sight and I also lean towards a beautiful flower and smell it. After a while I don’t even find myself in my mind, I am in a natural state of just being. Nature has a wonderful way of allowing us all to slow down and notice what beauty it holds. After a walk I am left feeling replenished, how about you? There was a time when I would go on a walk and all I could think of was my anxiety and thankfully, it has passed. Today, just focusing my awareness on something beautiful in nature allows me to witness the beauty within myself. Cities also have a lot of beauty, just walk down Bond Street {or any street for that matter} and watch all the people getting their photo taken by a stranger, they are living and loving the moment. Notice the pigeon snacking on a cracker a passerby has thrown it. This is love. See the love. Feel the love.

As we all begin to make the effort to take time for ourselves to contemplate the beauty in life we can be assured we will be more fulfilled. We all know the feeling that rushes over us when someone does something so profoundly kind to us that we are almost speechless? I love to do this for people and I also love to do it for myself.

Remember, kindness is an inside job.


I wish that we all see the beauty within us today,

Jocelyn x

As always, I hope this post speaks to you and if you know of someone it may help please do share it.



Photo by Cass Bird 

Friday Favorites:Tulips, Art + Whippets

Today is Friday and that means I will be sharing with you some of my favorite {tangible} things in my life but not until I share something from my heart. I have had what I would call a rough week but that is now coming to a close and not just because it is Friday. One important practice I have integrated into my life this week has been a new way of handling challenging times. Life is hard and it isn’t so easy to be happy all the time. I made up a little mantra to help myself and maybe you will find it useful…when I find myself getting frustrated, angry or jealous I repeat to myself in silence: feel it, deal it and seal it. I remind myself the way to peace is  to feel my feelings, deal with them in whatever way I need to and seal it with a new approach to what will ultimately lead me to a more blissful state. There is nothing that will make you go crazier than NOT feeling your feelings. I know that for sure!

Ok, on to my favorite tangibles. Flowers are the one thing that can make me smile and fill the room with a fragrance of freshness. I know tulips don’t usually carry a scent but these beauties from New Jersey smell divine. I love how simple the stem is, they look so classic in a glass or crystal vase. Tulips go with every decor whether it be modern, classic, traditional or eclectic. During my afternoon run for flowers yesterday I picked up two bunches and thought I would capture a few vignettes for you around my home. I hope you enjoy the little tour!


At my front door I have one of my favorite pieces of art, an  Andy Warhol poster called “Happy Bug Day”. I love to see it every time I walk out the door, it reminds me to appreciate the process of creativity in not only myself but others. The crystal vase seemed so perfect for the tulips and as soon as I put them on the table they began leaning towards the light.  I love the M&M’s they have at this time of the year, the pale pink chocolate sweets match the tulips perfectly and they are a nice little treat on my way out the door.





My living room is a place I rarely go and I am not entirely sure why. It could be because there are always remnants of dog cookie on the sofa? Popcorn loves to lay right on top of the pillows so they are usually covered in dog hair which I lint roll before people come over. Glamorous, I know. I had some tulips left over so I added them in a glass vase and set them on top of some books for a little pop of color. Flowers are a great way to add color to an otherwise very beige room. I am really into color these days….beginning with pale pink tulips of course.



If you are curious as to what my dogs do while I am styling and capturing these vignettes here you go….Coolwhip had enough and decided to retire to the patio to lay on this comfy chair. The cushion was so warm from the sun he was basically baking….he loves warmth. I think he also loves the waft of lemon verbena just below his nose!


Popcorn is the most photogenic dog I have ever photographed! He is known as “The Popper” around here but he responds best to “cookie”. This dog could eat until he looked like a pool float rather than a whippet. He is always by my side, if I leave the room so does he, if I sit on the floor he is right there with me. Here, he is lounging so gracefully on his sofa and pillows.


Well that is all for now, friends. I wish you all a fabulous weekend and if you see some tulips…buy them for yourself. You deserve something nice.





Bring on the Light{ness}

Hello everyone! Today is the day where some changes are being made and with that comes a whole bunch of clarity! As of late you may have noticed the more deeper approach I have towards life and while I enjoy it I know that many others may not. I am aware that not everyone takes to vulnerability and the rawness of life so I will not be sharing those parts of my journey anymore. Some of you may take a sigh of relief! Go ahead, please. As I begin to make the transition to the new blog which will be done in a few weeks I will be popping in here every now and then and will nevertheless keep it light and bright. I cannot wait to welcome you to the new blog, it is much more “me” and I hope you find it comfy and cozy there!


Well, I promised to keep it light so that’s all folks!


Have a splendid day,







The Importance of Language

As a young child my parents taught me to sit up straight, pull my shoulders back, act like a lady and most of all speak my words with kindness. Back in my formative years I didn’t exactly understand the importance of words and how they shape my thoughts and eventually create my reality. Today I see the exchange of words whether it is type or speech essential for living a more peaceful life. It didn’t come easy at first but in time I realized a key that unlocked what I call my secret to living a more peaceful life and it all begins with the awareness of language….

I was once the kind of woman who would pat herself on the back when something “good” happened and just the opposite when the outcome of a situation was less than expected. I was my own inner critic and would speak down to myself whenever possible. There were times when I would tell myself I wasn’t worth it, I was stupid and I wasn’t pretty enough to “make the cut”. Each time this happened I almost felt as though I had a mental hangover, I didn’t even want to think anymore because words and thoughts were so toxic. It is when I couldn’t control my thoughts with my mind anymore I decided to make some changes to the way I spoke to myself and in turn, I began to see my relationships with people take on a new nature of kindness and respect. Eventually, I learned all change and realization began within the landscape of my interior life, and from there it could flow out into daily life, relationships and conversations. I suppose it is this lesson I learned that ultimately ignited the passion within me for having more meaningful conversations with people. It is amazing what can happen when we speak words thoughtfully and with a sense of detailed awareness.




Awareness brings on a form of change whether it is mind discipline or a shift in behavior. Regardless, everything ends and begins with awareness. Instead of saying, “I don’t like” I began to say, “I don’t prefer”. Can you feel the shift just by changing one word? The word like is the opposite of dislike which carries heat with it. The word preference is light and soft with very little charge. It was with this one alteration in my language that shaped the way I speak and think today. I am here to tell you, it works and if you often feel like words are cutting and harsh search within your inner vocabulary for a new word and you will be amazed at how it will literally change your day. The dark cloud of negativity will be replaced with peaceful warm sunshine, no matter where you live.

As I began to see and feel the way I approached life and relationships with my new found awareness of my words my entire life changed and what flowed to me was nothing but goodness which is what I believe to be our true nature.  Today, when having a conversation with someone I still my mind of chatter so I can be fully present and supportive. We must begin to honor our own words and the words of others with softness and kindness. Every word that is spoken is creating our day and our future. Let’s keep it peaceful, shall we?

Perhaps the most loving Valentine’s day gift we can gift anyone is a beautifully wrapped conversation in which every word and thought is honored and most of all, heard.



Favorites for a Friday

Hello everyone! Are you ready for the weekend to arrive? Here in Arizona it is a windy and cool day but nothing compared to my friends in Germany! I have a tradition of buying flowers on Friday for some reason. This began a long time ago when I lived in London where I would visit my favorite shop The White Orchid in Esher. Oh how I love the smell and energy in a flower shop. Do you ever notice how happy everyone is when they are around flowers? In Germany I enjoy the Isemarkt on Friday because it is then I can stock up on flowers for a good 10 days. Here in the U.S. it is harder to find good quality flowers but I have a few places that get fresh buds from California every day.

My tradition of “Friday flower shop” looks the same every time. I get dressed, load the whippets in the car and head to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf for the most amazing vanilla latte in the world (for me). While I sip on my coffee goodness I drive south to a little hole in the wall flower shop packed full of fresh fragrant flowers. Today I took full advantage of the Freesia they had in stock. I love the smell and look of this beautiful flower, don’t you? This is when I wish technology had a scratch n’ sniff option!

As you can see these flowers fit nicely on a side table on a book. I chose to put these on a book but you could always set them alone to be the star of the show. Do you see my new little Jonathan Adler gold horse, how cute is he? I don’t have a name for him yet!




What flowers do you have in your home right now? Do you have a favorite for this time of the season? I wish you all a beautiful weekend filled with all the things you love!