Bring on the Light{ness}

Hello everyone! Today is the day where some changes are being made and with that comes a whole bunch of clarity! As of late you may have noticed the more deeper approach I have towards life and while I enjoy it I know that many others may not. I am aware that not everyone takes to vulnerability and the rawness of life so I will not be sharing those parts of my journey anymore. Some of you may take a sigh of relief! Go ahead, please. As I begin to make the transition to the new blog which will be done in a few weeks I will be popping in here every now and then and will nevertheless keep it light and bright. I cannot wait to welcome you to the new blog, it is much more “me” and I hope you find it comfy and cozy there!


Well, I promised to keep it light so that’s all folks!


Have a splendid day,







  • tina @ colourliving

    What happened for you to make that decision?
    Well, whatever you’ll blog about will no doubt be interesting and beautiful:-) xx

    • Jocelyn Casey

      Tina, I would call it more of a transition to the new form of work I am doing. Nothing happened external to myself, it was just something I felt prompted to do and share. xx