BOX 117 by Marc Benjamin Drewes & Thomas Schneider

Creating spaces is ultimately my favorite thing to do in life. When I was a little girl I transformed my bedroom into many different things, one day it was a furniture shop and then next, a classroom. Needless to say, I am in love with all things well designed and created. When I saw the work of Marc Drewes and Thomas Schneider in Dezeen Magazine I knew I wanted to share it with you guys instantly. These two brilliant men have not only created a space for a family and their children but they have preserved a part of history. The old parquet floors were kept as well as the ceiling, I love it when spaces are kept original in one way or another. Mr. Drewes and Mr. Schneider refer to this space as Box 117…it just sounds cool before you even see the photos! Don’t you think? Shall we take a deeper look into the amazing loft space in Berlin?

dezeen_Box-117-by-Marc-Benjamin-Drewes-and-Thomas-Schneider_1sq dezeen_Box-117-by-Marc-Benjamin-Drewes-and-Thomas-Schneider_2 dezeen_Box-117-by-Marc-Benjamin-Drewes-and-Thomas-Schneider_4 dezeen_Box-117-by-Marc-Benjamin-Drewes-and-Thomas-Schneider_6 dezeen_Box-117-by-Marc-Benjamin-Drewes-and-Thomas-Schneider_3 dezeen_Box-117-by-Marc-Benjamin-Drewes-and-Thomas-Schneider_7

I don’t know about you but I can already imagine how this space would be styled and the interior character designed. What I like the most about Box 117 is the clean lines, industrial, and yet warm feeling to the space. Mr. Drewes and Mr. Schneider deserve a round of applause for their work, they truly are very talented architects. I hope you enjoyed this feature today even though it is a little different than usual. I wish you a wonderful day filled with creative ideas and a few laughs along the way.





Photos kindly granted permission for use by Mr. Drewes. All images by Christoph Rokitta