Hello darlings,
Welcome to The Little Room of Style!

My dream as a child was to own a shop: a clothing and furniture store where I could spend the entire day helping people choose the items they loved the most.

See if you can imagine this scene with me…

A 7-year old girl with blonde hair and blue eyes is standing in her room dreaming of owning a store someday and filling it with her favorite things. Her closet is full of clothes, shoes, and bags. Her bedroom is neatly designed and thoughtfully styled with a bed, two nightstands, and a dresser. In the corner of the room sits a vintage desk from the 60’s, her favorite piece of furniture. She adores everything about the room and everything that’s in it!

She took all the clothes out of the closet, and hung them around the room. The ceiling fan was used as a rotating rack which came in handy for those extra special pieces. The furniture was kept neatly in place, and Jocelyn gave complete detailed descriptions of each piece when anyone would inquire. Jennifer, (Jocelyn’s big sister) was a usual “customer” who also had an eye for style. The stuffed animals would often make purchases as well. The window in the bedroom served as a drive thru for those very busy customers who knew what they wanted, and just needed to grab a few things here and there. The desk was used as the till, and yes, there was Monopoly money exchanged. She decorated the room a slightly different way each day, using her imagination to create a world she thought her customers would love.

Got a picture in your head now? Well, that was my shop as a child. I am Jocelyn Casey, and I welcome you The Little Room of Style. Here you will find just about everything that inspires me to continue moving forward in life.

A little more about me: I grew up on a ranch in Florida. Ocala was the closest town from my family’s cattle/produce farm. I spent my days with my painted Indian pony (Poncho) or in my shop. My sister Jennifer and I had chores, lots of them! Our summers were spent picking okra, corn and watermelon.

I later went on to study Interior Design. When I finished, I set off for London.I packed my bags, got on an American Airlines flight, and never looked back. I worked as a brand manager in the golf world, and traveled the globe for 10 years. When I wasn’t traveling, my base was either London or Scottsdale, AZ. My inspiration to be the best version of myself came from many countries, including: China, Japan, Australia, Germany, England, Scotland, Ireland, Holland, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Spain, France, Belgium, Switzerland, and Austria. I am incredibly lucky to have visited so many parts of the world, and I cherish every moment.

While I love being a freelance photographer and stylist I have big dreams for my future which include teaching workshops for people who want to create the life of their dreams using design and style as tools. My biggest dream of all is to continue to fulfill my purpose on this earth.

When I am not traveling or dreaming, I love to be with my two whippets, Coolwhip & Popcorn. I have no doubt they will sneak into your heart just as they snuck into mine. My whippets love sunbeams, warm blankets, and lots of cuddles. You will see many photos of them here.


I invite you to join me in the journey of life. Let’s move forward together, with style! And don't forget to dream BIG!

Truly Yours,