A little gratitude for the weekend…

Hello everyone! Can you believe it is Friday already? I don’t know what happened to this week! It seemed to fly by right before my eyes. I woke up this morning with a sort of flat feeling, do you ever feel that way? I wasn’t sad but I wasn’t full of inspiration either. I know by now when I feel this way I move into a state of gratitude. I am always grateful for every single one of you and perhaps I don’t say it enough so this is my post to you today! I am dedicating this post to every reader of The Little Room of Style. If you are reading this post right now be sure to know I am grateful for you and what you bring here. Just by being who you are you make the world a better place.


I did get word that next week my new blog will be finished and we will be LIVE! I cannot even tell you how excited, nervous and happy I am to show it to you all. I appreciate every single one of you for being supportive and encouraging me along the way. Every comment I read literally makes me smile on the outside and on the inside my heart is doing a happy dance.

As soon as we begin to make the transition I will be sure to leave a note on this blog for a little bit to make sure everyone is directed to the new home. Some of you will be very pleased to know after all your comments about Disqus I will not be using that platform for commenting but if any of you have other suggestions besides wordpress please let me know!

Be sure tell someone today you are grateful for them. Share the goodness in your heart, it is part of what we are here for. 

Jocelyn x


Photo by Jocelyn Casey. 


  • http://www.savorychicks.com/ Anja Reimer

    Thank YOU, dear Jocelyn, for being a spring of inspiration for my life. Excited to soon see your new blog, even though I love the current one very much, too.

  • Anya Jensen

    Dear Jocelyn, thanks for the encouraging kind words always. I look forward to seeing your new blog, as much as I love reading this one 🙂 Happy Monday lovely xx

    • http://thelittleroomofstyle.com/ Jocelyn Casey

      Thank you, Anya! I am really looking forward to revealing the new space to everyone! I loved your Instagram photo today of the little miss in her sunnies! too cute! Big hugs and lots of love to you xx

  • http://www.colourliving.co.uk/blog tina @ colourliving

    YAAAYYYYYYY, no more Disqus.. yeepeeeeehhhh:-) and really looking forward to you unveiling your new Home from Home x

    • http://jocelyncasey.wpengine.com jocelyncasey

      I knew you would like the no Disqus part, Tina! YAY!!!!!!! Cannot wait to reveal the new “space” xx

    • http://thelittleroomofstyle.com/ Jocelyn Casey

      This made me laugh! I know how much you love this commenting platform and the fact you keep coming by is just so sweet and kind! I am laughing so hard I can hardly type. xx