A Contemplative Pinterest Selection

Hello everyone and welcome to a contemplative Wednesday here in my world. I often browse Pinterest for inspiration and to acknowledge the creative nature of others. I must say, my most favorite category on Pinterest is words, mainly because in my own life I value the spoken word immensely. The written word to me is just as important and I find myself contemplating the quotes I read which in turn reveal something I am meant to be aware of. For me, thinking is different from contemplating. The act of contemplation is mainly done is silence without my mind trying to “figure out” what something means. More often than not the message arrives in the form of something other than a thought, it may come as a feeling or visualization. Regardless, words of any kind {especially quotes} lead me to a place where I am quiet and receptive to what is meant to be heard which is part of me returning to my true self.

How do words and quotes resonate with you? Do you read them and immediately feel they have no connection to you? Or do you simply rest in the words and let them melt into you? I am intrigued….please do share. Below are some of my favorites from today’s visit on Pinterest.




It appears mindfulness is beginning to flow into the mainstream of life which is lovely to see. Today I am practicing slowing down before I speak, incorporating a deeper sense of awareness when I express my words because at the end of the day, words matter not just because they are words but because the feeling behind the word is what holds the power.

Make it a great day,


  • Anya Jensen

    Dear Jocelyn, I completely agree – I also love my board ‘Words’ on Pinterest, so cool what others have said, and it so makes sense. I love it, when a quote connects to the way I’m feeling, or have felt perhaps. These 3 quotes are great. Much love Ax

  • http://www.colourliving.co.uk/blog tina @ colourliving

    I’ve been feeling a little under the weather lately, mostly self-inflicted. My food intolerances have flared up which gives me a lack of energy and a dampness in mood. It’s hard to get back to my usual health kick but am trying hard:-) x