5 ideas for introducing color into your home

Hello there lovelies! How are you doing today? I am looking forward to this week as I have tons of exciting things happening.  For one I am getting my hair done, that is always exciting. On Wednesday I will be heading to San Francisco to take the BLOGSHOP Video course. I am SO EXCITED! I want to be able to share more with you guys and video is apparently where it’s at so I thought I would give it a go. I will be sure to share the journey with you on Instagram.

On to today’s inspiration~infusing color can be a little intimidating for people. Is it for you? Do you worry about putting too much or too little color into a room? My color palette is fairly neutral for the most part but I love to add splashes of color here and there. I was looking around my own home the other day and realized I use color in 5 ways. I thought I would share so hopefully this will help you if you ever get “stuck” and don’t know where to start.

How about a rug? They are fairly easy to switch out and so soft on the tootsies! A bright and colorful rug can brighten up a space quickly and sometimes inexpensively. Just FYI if you are like me and don’t like dust bunny looking things floating on your floor be sure to choose a rug that doesn’t shed. Oh and if you where black a lot, avoid light-colored rugs as they will attack your clothes. Been there done that.

All the rugs below can be purchased at Anthropologie. Personally, I have several rugs from Anthro and I love every single one of them, they also last forever if you take care of them.



For me, books create a sense of peace. I have a lot of respect for books and what goes into making them. Have you ever looked at the way a book is actually made? I mean really, they are amazing. I have chosen a few books that I actually own and have in my studio. Perhaps some of them will catch you eye? You can purchase all of these on Amazon.com.




Holly Becker’s colorful Decorate Workshop is great for everything! The photography is impeccable and the content, well, amazing. There is a BONUS! The cover turns into what I call an inspiration poster! As a designer, I really appreciate her thoughtfulness in adding this in. I wish more books had this lovely surprise. You can purchase Holly’s book here. 

Design Sponge, DETAILS, and  Marrakesh By Design are wonderful books as well. You can find them all on Amazon.

When it comes to ceramics and decorative objects I like to visit West Elm. I love browsing through the shop and seeing all the wonderful little decor items they have. As you can see they have lots of items with color that would work great in any room. Don’t you love the owls? My favorite is the little yellow one. How about you?




Like rugs, pillow are fairly easy to switch out. One thing I find though is that they are expensive and if you have a whippet they are also used as chew toys. I found these pillows below on Anthropologie so if you want to head on over and have a look. They have a wide range of prices and styles to choose from. A bright pillow on a neutral sofa or chair can make all the difference. See, it is really simple this design and style thing. Don’t you think?




My favorite way to infuse color is to use flowers! I always have fresh flowers in my home, it makes me feel good, healthy, and peaceful. I love the way flowers change every day, they never stay the same. Maybe you could try this idea to bring a little color into your space? The stunning  photo on the left is by Angie Cao, it was taken in the home of Victoria, from sfgirlbybay. You can see that post in its entirety here.




I enjoyed sharing this post with you guys! Infusing color into a home can also bring so much joy and cheer. Give it a try…I am on my way to buy flowers now. I am inspired! Are you?

Until later,





Top right photo.

Bottom right photo.  

Book images. 


  • V Marr

    What a wonderful post. If only I’d known about the light colour of rug before purchase was made. I did however succeed on introducing colour. I’m off to order design sponge book and keep my eye peeled for new cushion ideas XXX

    • http://thelittleroomofstyle.com/ Jocelyn Casey

      I am so glad you liked it, Victoria! New cushions and books are always fun to shop for xx

  • http://www.facebook.com/marsi.lawson Marsi Lawson

    I love this post and the funky chairs at Anthropologie.. as well of a lot of other sections I’ll explore later. Thank you!

    • http://thelittleroomofstyle.com/ Jocelyn Casey

      Happy exploring Marsi! Glad you enjoyed this post xx

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